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Brainy Belly makes nutrient dense, healing foods. We are one of more than 50 members of the Union Kitchen Incubator in Washington, DC where the motto of: "Create. Contribute. Prosper." guides us all.  We know the benefits of using diet to heal and are grateful for the chance to share our soul-nourishing bone broth.

Diet Protocol: Specific Carbohydrate Diet


Diet Protocol: Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Janalee Redmond

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sidney Haas for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD.) He developed it as he practiced in New York City more than 50 years ago. And for Elaine Gottschall, whose daughter found relief from Ulcerative Colitis under the care of Dr. Haas and realized that his valuable work would be forgotten without a record. She wrote Breaking the Vicious Cycle and laid out the program for following his protocol.  

It was a not a surprise to find an approach for healing my gut dysbiosis through the choices of what I ate. It was a great surprise to find that it worked. There are other protocols, each with a slightly different focus. As you heal, your body will let you know what lies beneath the symptoms you've been experiencing. You might need to explore low histamine, or low glutamate. Fruit may be difficult to digest and need to be avoided. I read and read and then re-read. It took time for things to make sense, to fit symptoms with solutions.  I'll be posting here on each approach that I explored. The real message is that it is possible to heal through diet. Diet is a powerful factor in dealing with not just digestive dysbiosis but also autoimmune issues. Please consider reading these posts as part of your exploration.

This is the SCD website that Elaine Gottschall's family maintains. The book has been reprinted many times, translated into many languages and shared all over the world. There are new chapters included on the SCD as Treatment for Autism and updates on research papers that have been published documenting the effects of the diet.

I found the group of patient mentors at the BTVC group at Yahoo Groups. Support is an important part of any approach and the members of this group are wonderful at explaining and interpreting and offering a gentle course correction.