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1369 New York Ave NE
Washington, DC, 20002


Brainy Belly makes nutrient dense, healing foods. We are one of more than 50 members of the Union Kitchen Incubator in Washington, DC where the motto of: "Create. Contribute. Prosper." guides us all.  We know the benefits of using diet to heal and are grateful for the chance to share our soul-nourishing bone broth.

Shipping Info

                                          Please read. Shipping costs annoy everyone.

Shipping is expensive. There's no way around it.  We've researched it extensively and are always looking for a better way. But our Bone Broth is perishable, and requires proper care, so it has to be done right.  Shipping prices will always reflect our best options for delivery. We ship on Tuesday of each week to allow for two day delivery during the week, with one day to correct any problems which might arise.

Shipping to our local area of Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia is $19.99. We can ship anywhere in the country but ask that you select the shipping option for your delivery state when you check out. The website has limited capability to charge for shipping larger quantities of broth. We are working on making this easier. Contact for questions.

Your order will be packed in a Temper Pack thermal sleeve, made of sustainable materials, meaning no styrofoam. We use this special new shipping sleeve which is made of natural materials and is compostable. Frozen gel packs or dry ice keep it frozen for 3 - 4 days depending on conditions. 

We cook to order and fresh broth has a shelf life of seven days if refrigerated. Frozen broth keeps for six months. So if your broth arrives slightly less than frozen, go ahead and refreeze it without concern. It will not affect the quality. If it arrives completely thawed and at room temperature, and it is after the expected 3 day shipping time, please do not consume it. Email us (click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner of this web site) and we'll ship a replacement. 

If you want to avoid shipping costs, take this coupon to your grocer and ask them to stock Brainy Belly Bone Broth. We are currently stocked by these fine markets in the Washington, DC metro area.

There are alternatives to shipping if you live in the Washington, DC area. We can also use a thermal bag to hold your order and send it to you in an Uber cab for (depending upon time of day,) about half the basic shipping costs. You must be available to receive the order in person. Please contact for more information.