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Brainy Belly makes nutrient dense, healing foods. We are one of more than 50 members of the Union Kitchen Incubator in Washington, DC where the motto of: "Create. Contribute. Prosper." guides us all.  We know the benefits of using diet to heal and are grateful for the chance to share our soul-nourishing bone broth.

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Brainy Belly Makes Bone Broth

Beautifully prepared, flavorful food benefits the body and the soul. Bone broth and broth based soups share rich, satisfying flavor as well as benefits for your body.

It all started when...

I broke my stomach. Yes, you can do that. I did and because of it I learned a new way to eat and am now so grateful to be healing.  By leaving out sugar and grains but concentrating on produce and locally sourced, high quality meat and seafood I was able to subdue my symptoms and heal. Now I am sharing food prepared according to these principles, because beautifully prepared, flavorful food benefits the body and the soul. And Bone Broth is wonderful stuff.

Heal your belly, heal your brain.
  Smart Food Made Easy.  

We are a small (but mighty) company, determined to provide products for those that love good food but also are pressed for time or energy to prepare it.  We pressure cook and then freeze all of our broth because it insures the very best flavor and quality. Compare the quality and flavor to our shelf stable competitors and we think you will agree. 

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