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Brainy Belly makes nutrient dense, healing foods. We are one of more than 50 members of the Union Kitchen Incubator in Washington, DC where the motto of: "Create. Contribute. Prosper." guides us all.  We know the benefits of using diet to heal and are grateful for the chance to share our soul-nourishing bone broth.

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Information on the health benefits of a nutrient-rich diet what includes healing foods such as bone broth.

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Cold Soup Converts My Carrot-Hating Husband

Janalee Redmond

My husband is not a picky eater. He tries new things and appreciates a wide range of foods. But he does have two things that he has asked that I never serve him.  One is popcorn, with a long story which we won't go into and the other is carrots. I am not sure why carrots made the list but he claims that growing up, whenever he was served carrots they were under cooked, hard to chew and tasted bad. So I don't serve him carrots although I do cook a fair amount of carrots. As I love them, and they have really shone the last few years as I followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Recently I've been doing some farmer's markets and shared samples at local markets who are stocking Brainy Belly Bone Broth. Summer weather in Washington DC is best described as swampy, so when I have hot broth to sample I try to take something cold as well. Which led me to make this wonderful Carrot Cardamom Soup recipe by Michelle Tam, better known as the wonder behind the Nom Nom Paleo blog. My son was finishing up the leftover soup, eagerly I might add, to the point that my husband requested a small taste of mine. I offered him a spoonful and he didn't gag so I pressed my cup into his hands and encouraged him to have as much as he wanted. "Very refreshing" was his comment. 

But a few days later, out of the blue he asked when I was going to make that cold soup again. "You know, the carrot-y stuff." I hustled some up the next day, never one to miss a truly golden opportunity and even caught a quick snap of him as he polished off a large mug. It is a refreshing soup, with the smooth carrot and coconut milk balanced by the rather solid presence of chicken bone broth, and the mellow flavor of cardamom. Follow the links above to the recipe which Michelle contributed from her cookbook, (Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans) as a guest blogger on Michael Ruhlman's website. It is fast and easy to put together and keeps well in the fridge. I like it for breakfast but it also makes a great start to an evening meal on a hot day.  If bone broth is part of your healing diet, it is a lovely variation: vegetable, bone broth and healthy fat in one cool cup. Enjoy!

Former carrot-hater converted by cold soup.

Former carrot-hater converted by cold soup.