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Brainy Belly makes nutrient dense, healing foods. We are one of more than 50 members of the Union Kitchen Incubator in Washington, DC where the motto of: "Create. Contribute. Prosper." guides us all.  We know the benefits of using diet to heal and are grateful for the chance to share our soul-nourishing bone broth.

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Information on the health benefits of a nutrient-rich diet what includes healing foods such as bone broth.

Dear Customers, I can't go all USDA alone.

Janalee Redmond

We are taking a very big step. Actually, we've been trying to take it for the last six months. Most of our product sells wholesale to area markets and specialty shops. It is the sort of steady business that keeps us producing, buying bones from our farmers, paying staff to work and keeping broth in the freezer to ship to our loyal and valued customers. But we are confined to the District of Columbia, unable to sell to shops across state lines without violating the law.

In order to grow, and also to keep from having to turn away wholesale customers just because they are in Virginia, we have embarked on a mission to gain the coveted USDA shield for our labels. And I really can't go it alone. Union Kitchen, who is our landlord and the genius team that has made so much of this journey possible, has it figured out, mostly. They created a room in the new Ivy City location that meets the requirements for USDA inspected production. I have written the documentation, met with the consultants and revised and re-designed the labels. We are so close.

We also could really use your help. It's been a tiring effort, and now that it is about to happen we face some big expenses. So we've launched a Kiva campaign to raise $10,000 to fund new equipment, add an employee and print all the bags with the revised labels. The beauty of Kiva is that when you contribute as lender, you join an amazing community of people who are reaching across great distance to do good. You also get the accountability which Kiva provides. Brainy Belly will not pay interest for this loan and repayment will be tracked through the loan account. Each donor gets a notice when we make our payments. 

I've been contributing to loans via Kiva since 2014 and felt that it was great to be able to connect and support. But now that I am fundraising I am seeing the number of loans some of my contributors have made and it is stunning. There are groups who've organized to pool resources and support hundreds of loans. I am inspired to be more focused with my Kiva activity. Please consider supporting Brainy Belly's big step forward, and possibly find more to the experience than you ever imagined. 

Click here or on the photo above to be redirected to our Kiva campaign. We're off to a great start, but 27 days will pass very quickly and we still have almost $8,000 to raise. Thank you so much.